The Program

The Program


Sailing on Lake Napowan
Sailing on Lake Napowan

Sunny Skies and Sandy Shores

Located on two separate lakes, the Aquatics area is always a popular choice for scouts and leaders of all ages! The Swimming Area on Big Hills Lake teaches Swimming, Lifesaving, Motorboating Merit Badges and holds an open swim in the afternoon and the swim test on your first day. The Boating Area on Lake Napowan is a great opportunity to try out all kinds of different boats and explore all of Lake Napowan! Boating teaches Canoeing, Rowing, Kayaking and Small Boat Sailing Merit Badges and holds open boating in the afternoons.

Other special programs offered at Aquatics include (but are not limited to): learn to swim classes, Mile Swim, BSA Lifeguard, volleyball competitions!

Merit Badges: Swimming, Lifesaving, Motor Boating, Kayaking, Canoeing, Rowing, and Small Boat Sailing.

Flintlock Pioneer Village

A Bridge to the Past

The Flintlock Pioneer Village is what sets the Napowan Adventure Base apart from all other Boy Scout summer camps. Visiting Flintlock is like taking a step back in time. The blacksmith shop, which has a fully functional forge, and the old time printing press are enough to make the area special. However, the authentic log cabins and Native American Teepees also add to the special magic that make most Scouts return to describe it to their friends.

Scouts don’t need the excuse of working on merit badges to just come out and make a leather or metal project to take home as a souvenir. Other activities include: tomahawk throwing, candle making and LEMON SHAKE UPS! As you can see the Flintlock area provides an opportunity unlike any other traditional Boy Scout Summer Camp program. Come down and see what’s new at Flintlock. It’s for this reason Scouts keep coming back year after year. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Merit Badges: Woodcarving, Metalwork, Leatherwork, Graphic Arts, Pottery, Basketry, Pulp and Paper

Shooting Sports

Lock on Target

The Shooting Sports area is located on the East side of camp. It is made up of three ranges; Rifle, Archery and Shotgun. Last summer over 40,000 rounds of 22 caliber and over 10,000 shotgun shells were used. Some other activities avaliable at shooting sports include: NRA qualification awards and shooting competitions for Scouts and Leaders

Merit Badges: Archery, Rifle, and Shotgun.


How neat is that!

The Nature Lodge is located between the Hills Lake and Lake Napowan on top of a hill overlooking Lake Napowan. In addition to offering merit badges, the Nature Staff will offer special programs throughout the week such as: a plant identification hike, soil conservation demonstrations, and much more. Come check out the Nature Lodge! From the center of the Earth to the edges of space!

Merit Badges: Environmental Science, Fishing, Nature, Forestry, Mammal Study, Astronomy, Geology, Weather, Space Exploration


The Essentials of Scouting

This program area is what Scouting is all about. Scout skills activities are intended to help Scouts develop basic camping, cooking, survival and other outdoor skills. It’s a great place for a Troop to sharpen its skills in campsite enhancement projects and health and safety practices while camping. Additional opportunities in this program area include: Fireman Chit, Totin Chip, and Paul Bunyan Woodsman, as well as some awesome evening activities!

Merit Badges: Camping, Cooking, Orienteering, Pioneering, First Aid, and Wilderness Survival.

Project C.O.P.E.

Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience

At the C.O.P.E. Area, scouts 13+ have many first-time opportunities including trust falls, using teamwork concepts to conquer various challenges, climbing and repelling our spectacular Climbing Tower and even flying through the pine canopy on the ZIPLINE! As part of the C.O.P.E., day-long experience, scouts and leaders participate in a interesting training course.We encourage all eligible participants to partake in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Skynet S.T.E.M. Lab

Bringing Tech to the Great Outdoors

Located in the brand new computer lab overlooking scenic Lake Napowan is the home to the new Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics center, otherwise known as the S.T.E.M. Lab.

Merit Badges: Architecture, Fingerprinting, Chemistry, Animation, Chess, Engineering, Robotics, Model Design and Building


Performance and Design

Overlooking the infamous “Boot Hill”, this up and coming area challenges the creative part of your mind. Verona will teach scouts to speak in front of a group, communicate effectively and create something out of nothing. We aim to sharpen a scout’s artistic abilities while pushing them to design bigger and better things. Verona just offers a handful of ways that scouts can find their calling at Camp Napowan

Merit Badges: Art, Music, Public Speaking, Communications, and Painting

Special Programs

Special Programs at Camp Napowan include a variety of challenges and experiences for all  Scouts and Leaders.

Have your scouts who are interested in rank advancements pick up their Eagle Oasis Passport (or print from home) at the beginning of the week!  This is a great opportunity for new scouts to earn requirements to get them moving on the expedition to their Eagle rank! Visit the FORMS page for all forms distributed by Camp Napowan!

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