Eagle Oasis

For first-year scouts just beginning their scouting journey, there is nothing better than Camp Napowan’s Eagle Oasis! Designed specifically for first-year scouts, this rank-advancement area specializes in helping younger scouts reach First Class Rank! Based on studies that say scouts who achieve First Class Rank within their first year are more likely to make Eagle Scout, Eagle Oasis has an entire schedule planned for scouts to work toward First Class!

Scouts will look forward to different requirements such as knots and lashings, swimming, first aid, and hiking requirements! Each specifically chosen to help capitalize on Camp Napowan’s best assets to give scouts a better chance at earning First Class! And for those signed up for merit badges (Eagle required and Aquatics), have no fear! Our new and improved schedule allows for those merit badges as well!

As an area that is expanding and developing, we are hoping to provide more requirements and more time for developing scouting skills while at Napowan. Eagle Oasis focuses on requirements scouts need for anything from Tenderfoot rank to First Class. This will help provide scouts with a wide array of requirements they can pick and choose from.

As we continue on our path to give scouts the best possible experience, our dedicated staff will be working tirelessly in the off-season to develop a program that best suits the needs of the scouts, while also giving them more than enough time to complete merit badges.

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