Refine and expand on your artistic inhibitions here at Verona. Aptly named for Shakespeare’s famous city in Romeo and Juliet, this area offers more than just simple theatrics.

The Art Merit Badge allows scouts to wield the mighty pen, pencil, or ink brush as they create different images in a number of mediums. The Music Merit Badge gives scouts a real voice as they play with a variety of instruments, imagine new sounds, and compose pieces like Bach or Mozart.

But Verona goes far past just art and music. For those interested in the painting medium and creating in broad strokes, the Painting Merit Badge gives them the opportunity to improve and repaint different projects throughout camp.

And those scouts who are more outspoken, we have two of the best merit badges for you, too! The Public Speaking Merit Badge gets scouts up at the podium as they edit and refine speeches and statements important to them. They will learn the rules of debate and give them courtroom-like scenarios to really explore their argumentative prowess.

If you are more Eagle Scout-oriented, have no fear—we have the Communication Merit Badge. Eagle-required and more intensive than the others, this badge leads scouts through the various communication modes and different mediums. A number of projects will help scouts bring out their creative side in communicating with others.

If crafting and creating is your passion, follow it here to Verona and see what skills you can unleash!

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