Enter Skynet: An area with the most advanced technology at our camp! Skynet revolutionizes learning at a scout camp by utilizing and capitalizing on strides in technology. Rooted in the idea that potential is a powerful tool, Skynet works with scouts on various projects ranging in technological advancement!

Scouts who come here will not leave disappointed as they explore the nearly uncharted world of digital technology, learning safety skills and proper use of online protocols. Come see how to help shape this digital revolution as we delve into different aspects of technology and their effects not only on the individual but society as well.

As technology changes and becomes more and more prevalent in our society, we, as Scouters, must too adapt and learn how to better prepare ourselves for this brave new world. Enter Skynet, fully designed to help scouts navigate through the technological landscape.

With merit badges such as Animation, Architecture, Chemistry, Digital Technology, Engineering, Model Design & Building, and Robotics, scouts will see for themselves what waits out there for them in terms of a changing world. Each merit badge is designed to equip scouts with the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt to the present future.

Our counselors, trained in areas such as the NOVA Award and Cyber Chip, are ready to help with any and all projects. And if you’re not enrolled in a merit badge at Skynet, no worries — come down and check out our computer lab for other merit badge work!

At Camp Napowan, we believe in the online safety and the safety of every scout. That means giving our counselors the proper training and guidance to help scouts along with their scouting journey. Exploring the terrain of new technology allows scouts to experience something different that is pertinent to their lives. It is more than just computer games — it is learning and adapting to this ever-increasing presence in our lives. Skynet gives scouts a glimpse into the future — a future that is happening right now!

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