Chopping wood with an ax, navigating through the wilderness, building and lighting fires – this and more is offered at Camp Napowan’s outdoor and scouting skills area, Sherwood!

Based on the mythical forest where Robin Hood and his Merry Men spent their days, this forest-located area gives scouts more than plenty of opportunities to earn Eagle-required merit badges and see what new skills they can develop! Sherwood is more than just that, though, as each merit badge prepares scouts for the ultimate outdoor experience!

Spend your days hiking through the trails of Camp Napowan, exploring each of the 400 acres of vast wilderness. Learn how to properly set up a campsite in any condition.

Find a passion for cooking or first aid. Sherwood has an eclectic variety of merit badges to help scouts hone their scouting skills: Camping, Cooking, First Aid, Orienteering, Pioneering, and Wilderness Survival.

Test your knots and lashing skills at our Pioneering Village, an area dedicated to the creation and execution of projects such as trebuchets, camp stands, monkey bridges, and towers! Find strength you didn’t know you had as you spend a night under the stars to earn the Wilderness Survival merit badge!

Join our Merry Men of counselors as they take down full-sized trees, construct new projects, and navigate the joys of scout skills!

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