Take a step back in time to Camp Napowan’s premier pioneer village—Flintlock! Flintlock is its own small village with everything from a graphic arts building to a Mercantile, where you can buy things such as leather kits, wood carving blanks, and Flintlock’s own Lemon Shake-Up!

Stroll through the pioneer village and meet its residents—staff members stuck in the 1870s—who work there! We have Merc managers, graphic artists, leatherworkers, wood carvers, mayors, and, at the center of it all, a blacksmith!

Camp Napowan’s Flintlock has one of two only working forges on a Boy Scout camp! The second one is at Philmont, so get ready for a unique adventure. Step into the forge and work with blazing hot metal, forging your own pieces with trained blacksmiths and counselors. Camp Napowan’s hands-on approach ensures scouts get the most out of this working forge and learn how blacksmiths have transformed through the ages, all while earning the Metalwork merit badge!

Flintlock is home to several other merit badges — Leatherwork, Wood Carving, Basketry, Pottery, Pulp and Paper, and Graphic Arts! Each of these merit badges gives scouts a new perspective on pioneer times, and each one is suited for expanding a scouts’ knowledge of the 1870s.

Tomahawk throwing and candle making round out Flintlock, giving scouts something to do at every turn! This is the most popular area on camp, and with counselors as crazy as they come, scouts leave Flintlock wanting to quickly return to the times of old!

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