Imagine a tapestry of stars, twinkling, blinking, above you, filling your entire vision. Imagine spending the day going through the woods, tracking animals by their print, identifying different plants and insects. Imagine stepping out of your comfort zone and finding the rich, adventure-filled world of Mother Earth. All of this is possible at Camp Napowan’s Nature area — easily one of the coolest places on camp!

The Nature area, based atop a hill overlooking our lakes, will have scouts delve into the wilderness of Central Wisconsin. Our counselors will show you the best paths and trails to hike, where to find animal prints, and how to identify plants and insects. Although based in one area, the Nature staff members treat the entire camp as their area, and aren’t afraid to go exploring.

Eco-warriors with an Earth-friendly conscious will find a home here at Nature. Nature’s merit badges include Astronomy, Fishing, Forestry, Geology, Mammal Study, Nature, Space Exploration, and the popular Eagle required badge, Environmental Science!

From this selection of merit badges, you can see our Nature counselors don’t just stick to one area — they dive underwater, reach for the stars, and study everything in between. The Nature area includes a museum of sorts, with different animal pelts, skulls, and bones for scouts to handle.

In addition to one of the best areas on camp to get back in touch with the Earth, the Nature staff members strive to provide the best engagement of each merit badge and lesson taught. A long line of Nature directors have become scout favorites, so come check out who could be your next favorite staff member!

Return to Mother Earth in this area, which offers a plethora of badges to help hone a scout’s ecological skills. When you earn merit badges from this area, you’re not just learning about the environment, but also experiencing it through nature walks, star hikes, and fishing expeditions! As you explore the natural trails of Camp Napowan, and as you discover the different species of plants and animals, you will have the opportunity to become more environmentally conscious, and a real eco-warrior!

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