Aquatics – Swimming

Jump right into one of Camp Napowan’s shimmering lakes as you learn from trained lifeguards and experienced Scouters the fun and safety of swimming!

Our Swimming area boasts two highly sought after merit badges: Swimming and Life Saving! Both Eagle Required merit badges help give scouts the confidence and skills necessary to navigate swimming waters.

Camp Napowan only hires the best staff members for its Aquatics area, and they are put through the safety gauntlet in order to ensure maximum safety and maximum fun for scouts. Divided into three sections — Non-Swimmer, Beginner, and Swimmer — Camp Napowan’s Big Hills lake offers enough for everyone!

Complete with a sandy beach and fun activities on the shore, Non-Swimmers can splash around in our shallowest end while building sandcastles and other beach-based activities. If the weather is right, the Aquatics staff will put up the volleyball net — so, during Open Swim (2 p.m. – 5 p.m.), bring a few friends and join in the game!

Beginners can get their feet wet in the next area, learning the basic swimming skills needed to achieve the Swimmer status. The Non-Swimmer area is also open to them as well!

And for the Swimmers, Camp Napowan gives you a plethora of opportunities! From our docks, you can jump right into the deeper end, and practice your swimming tactics (under the guidance of lifeguards) to your heart’s content.

Our swimming area of Aquatics helps scouts learn the necessary skills to function in the water, and makes sure to maximize on the fun of swimming in a lake! For those unsure about jumping into lake water, have no fear — our guards are there to encourage you along!

The two Eagle required merit badges offered at Swimming — Swimming and Life Saving — gives you real-life scenarios in order to meet the requirements. These merit badges give you the opportunity to engage in different areas of the water you might not have expected — from safety to rescue to engaging in new equipment.

This is one of the premier spots of Camp Napowan, and one of the most popular areas on camp, specifically for the reason that our staff creates a safe and fun environment for scouts to learn and experience the water!

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