From the moment you step foot onto the beautiful hills of Camp Napowan, ADVENTURE awaits you at every turn! Kicking off the week with our legendary FIREBOWL, scouts are introduced to the staff members through wild and crazy skits and sketches and songs, all while watching our roaring fires reach toward the summer sky.

The activities at Camp Napowan give a new meaning to EXCITEMENT and FUN! Scouts will have plenty to choose from as they journey through the week. They can go boating in one of our two lakes—anything from rowboats to canoes to kayaks to small sailboats to motorboats! Or they can cool off in our other lake for a nice leisurely swim with their friends!

Scouts can travel to the far and distant land of Flintlock! Camp Napowan’s one-of-a-kind 1870s pioneer village offers a cast of zany characters and activities like leatherwork, wood carving, and basketry. You can also venture into only one of two working blacksmith forges on a Boy Scout camp and test your mettle against metal by forging your own creations. Be sure to stop by our unique store, the Mercantile for supplies, souvenirs, and Flintlock’s own Lemon Shake-Up!

On your way back to camp, detour off to our Wild West Town of Shooting Sports! There, you’ll find an impressive array of firearms to practice with. Take your best shot with our .22 rifles. Have a blast with the 18-gauge shotguns. Or steady your aim with several flights of arrows at our archery range. Past those firearms, though, Camp Napowan also has the Pistol & Marksmanship and Cowboy Action programs—each designed to give scouts a taste of different, cool firearms!

Spend the day at our Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience, or C.O.P.E. course! Scale a 40-foot rock wall and repel down the side of it. Take the leap of faith across the top of the rock wall tower and walk over the traverse to our zip line! Fly past the trees on the zip line and have the time of your life!

No matter which area you go to, our dedicated, zany staff will help guide you along your way. Handpicked and the best-of-the-best, these staff members have only one thing on their mind: Giving you the best scouting experience possible! People come from different states for a chance to see what our staff has to offer, and that opportunity could be yours, too!

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